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Brand: Tasker
C118  Tasker O.F.C. shielded  flat  audio-signal cable 2x0.14 mm²Conductor Resistance:  138 Ω/KmCapacity Core/Core:  65 pF/mtCapacity Core/Shield:  280 pF/mtMax. rated Voltage:  49 VOperative Temperature:   -15/+70°C Outer cable Diameter:  2.90x5.80 ..
8.60KN (1.14€) Ex Tax:6.88KN (0.91€)
Brand: Tasker
C121  O.F.C. supreme shielded flat audio-signal cable 2x0.25 mm²-23 AWG, Oxygen Free Coper.Cable for professional head phone or for sound reproduction, suitable for the realization of high quality audio assemblyCore colour: Red, WhiteConductor insulation in compact PEConductors in red copper..
23.04KN (3.06€) Ex Tax:18.43KN (2.45€)
Brand: Tasker
C200 Tasker 2x0,08 mm² O.F.C. Audio-Video cable for S-VHS, Mini DIN4, RCA (chinch) connectorsConductor Resistance:  203 Ω/Km Capacity Core-Core:  65 pF/mCapacity Core-Shield:  230 pF/mMax rated Voltage: 49 VOperative Temperature:  -15/+70°COuter Diameter:  Ø 4.60 (±0.10) mmO..
12.24KN (1.62€) Ex Tax:9.79KN (1.30€)
Brand: Tasker
C284 – 2x2x0.22 mm2 + 3x1.50 mm² Special DMX 110 Ohm Cable2x Digital Audio 110 Ohm Pairs3x Power Conductors, Black Flame-Retardant PVCOuter Diameter  :  Ø 13,80 (±0,20) mmDigital Audio Cables Resistance:  79,15 Ω/KmPower Conductor Resistance:  12,50 Ω/Km Impedence:  110 Ω Ca..
98.14KN (13.03€) Ex Tax:78.51KN (10.42€)
Brand: Tasker
C285 1x0,50 PROFESSIONAL noiseless guitar cable LOW CAPACITYConductor Resistance: 38 Ω/kmCapacity Core/Shield: 110 pF/mMax Rated Voltage: 49 VOperative Temperature:  -15/+70°CExternal cable diameter (mm): 6.2..
14.23KN (1.89€) Ex Tax:11.38KN (1.51€)
Brand: Tasker
Connector: Toslink Standard Male> Toslink Standard MaleGold-plated connectorsCable diameter: 4 mmWith protective coversColor: BlackCable length: 1.5 m ..
20.00KN (2.65€) Ex Tax:16.00KN (2.12€)
Brand: Omnitronic
Cable length:1,5 m (available also 6m long - 18,62 Eur - , and with angled 3.5 jack - 8,69 Eur -)Plug A:1 x 3.5 mm jack (stereo)Plug B:2 x RCA (M)Color:BlackWeight:90 g..
54.15KN (7.19€) Ex Tax:43.32KN (5.75€)
Brand: Omnitronic
Cable construction:    2 x 0,22 mm² Audio cableCable length:    1,5 m  (available lengths 0.6m, 1.5m, 3m, 5m )Plug A:    2 x RCA (M)Plug B:    2 x RCA (M)Color:    BlackWeight:    80 g..
43.75KN (5.81€) Ex Tax:35.00KN (4.65€)
Brand: Omnitronic
Cable construction:Audio cableCable length:1,5 mPlug A:1 x 3.5 mm jack (stereo)Plug B:1 x 3.5 mm jack (stereo)Color:BlackWeight:30 g..
47.36KN (6.29€) Ex Tax:37.89KN (5.03€)
Brand: Tasker
1 x 75 Ω (0,34 mm²) Cond.Format. mm. 30x0,12 External Core Ø mm. 3,7 External CableDiameter mm.6,1 Applications: Extra flex coaxial cable with double shielding, aluminium tape and braided red copper covering 100%. Cable for fixed and mobile application, suitable for the real..
12.50KN (1.66€) Ex Tax:10.00KN (1.33€)
Brand: Tasker
TSK1038 L.S.Z.H. Tasker 2x0.35 mm² -  O.F.C. Extra-Flex Digital 110 Ω , DMX-light, Digital- Audio cable – Halogen Free,-Fire-stop, AES/EBUOuter cable Diameter  :  Ø 6.30 (±0,20) mmConductor Resistance:  58.00 Ω/KmCapacity core-core:  55 pF/mCapacity core-shield: 62 pF/mImped..
25.83KN (3.43€) Ex Tax:20.66KN (2.74€)
Brand: Tasker
TSK1042 L.S.Z.H. Tasker 2x2x0.22 mm² - 24 AWG, O.F.C. Professional stereo-balanced audio-microphone cableOuter cable diameter:  4.50x9,10 (±0,10) mmConductor Resistance:  79.15  Ω/KmCapacity Core/Core:  75 pF/mtCapacity Core/Shield:  160 pF/mtMax. Rated Voltage:  49 VOp..
27.90KN (3.70€) Ex Tax:22.32KN (2.96€)
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