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Brand: Adam Hall
01360 Spray glueThe simple and fast adhesive from a spraycan for large-scale surfaces.It bonds many types of materials. Specially designed for long-lasting, extra strong bonding of rough and uneven surfaces such as paper, cardboard, felt, fabric, plasticizer-free plastic foils, foams, padding, ri..
135.24KN (17.95€) Ex Tax:108.19KN (14.36€)
Brand: Adam Hall
Heavy Duty Carabiner, Steel zinc plated, with locking ringProduct type: safety cables accessoriesMaterial: SteelSurface: galvanizedOpening: 18 mmMax. load: 800 kgBreaking load:  2.2 kNLockable: with threaded couplingWeight: 0,177 kg ..
120.00KN (15.93€) Ex Tax:96.00KN (12.74€)
Brand: Adam Hall
5740 Adam Hall cargo restrainnt double stud & ring carabinera coupling link with a safety closure Product type: Speaker Construction AccessoriesType: FlywareMaterial: SteelSurface: galvanizedColour: silverMax. load: 2400 daNWeight: 0,17 kg ..
108.76KN (14.44€) Ex Tax:87.01KN (11.55€)
Brand: Adam Hall
5803 adhesive safety tape, PVC, black/yellow striped. Very high adhesion level - adheres well long term to rough surfaces Low stretch - will not lift once applied Good abrasion resistance - stands up well to foot and machinery traffic Can be walked on immediately after a..
179.75KN (23.86€) Ex Tax:143.80KN (19.09€)
Brand: Adam Hall
Anti-Slip Adhesive Marking-Tape, black-yellow striped, 50mm x 18m 50 mm x 18 m Anti slip surfaceSlip resistance classification R13Classification R10 (administrative sector) Acrylic adhesive - bond improves with age Easy to release paper liner For indoor and outdoor..
360.94KN (47.90€) Ex Tax:288.75KN (38.32€)
Brand: Adam Hall
5807s Gaffa adhesive tape50 mm x 50 m Colour: silver Best quality super sticky cloth backed adhesive tape Gloss finish Cable friendly adhesive peels clean from cables and most other surfaces Very easy unwind and very easy tear For joining and securing scene..
225.00KN (29.86€) Ex Tax:180.00KN (23.89€)
Brand: Adam Hall
Gorilla Wipes Cleaning cloths 80 cloths/pack, size 20x30 cm Especially designed for the purpose, these cloths remove even the most troublesome adhesive residue ..
245.44KN (32.58€) Ex Tax:196.35KN (26.06€)
Brand: Adam Hall
58308 Circular metal mesh 8 "   ..
36.25KN (4.81€) Ex Tax:29.00KN (3.85€)
Brand: Adam Hall
5862025 Phosphortape 25mm x 10m glow-in-the-dark tape The photoluminescent tape 620 is a double-layer vinyl film with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive backed by a poly-coated layflat release liner. After charging with artificial or natural light, the tape will glow for 30 minutes wit..
463.75KN (61.55€) Ex Tax:371.00KN (49.24€)
Brand: Adam Hall
87222 STL 19 inch rack panel 2U SteelProduct type: 19" Rack PanelsMaterial: steelSurface: powder coatedColour: BlackHeight: 2-UWidth: 19 inchMaterial thickness: 1,5 mmWeight: 0,59 kg..
61.85KN (8.21€) Ex Tax:49.48KN (6.57€)
Brand: Adam Hall
87222 VH 19 inch ventilation rack panel with horizontal slots, 2UProduct type: 19" Rack PanelsMaterial: steelSurface: powder coatedColour: BlackHeight: 2-UWidth: 19 inchMaterial thickness: 1,5 mmWeight: 0,48 kg ..
79.69KN (10.58€) Ex Tax:63.75KN (8.46€)
Brand: Adam Hall
8747s6 Conductor with 6 sockets at an angle of 45, with on-off switch cable 3x1 mm2, 1.4 m long, 220V, 16 A protection of sockets for children..
105.00KN (13.94€) Ex Tax:84.00KN (11.15€)
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