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    Dynamic vocal microphone with smooth mid-frequency presence rise for excellent voice projection Ultra-wide frequency response for brilliant and transparent sound Extremely high signal output lets your voice cut through Cardi..
250.00KN (33.18€) Ex Tax:200.00KN (26.54€)
Brand: Adam Hall
Kondenzatorski mikrofon D1009 Specifikacije:      Kapsula Vrsta: Kondenzator Mikrofon      Polar Pattern: Supercardioid      Frekvencijski odziv (Hz): 50 - 20,000      Impedancija: 200 Ohm      Osjetljivost (DBV / godišnje): -45 (5,62 mv / godišnje)      Max.SPL (dB): 140 dB ..
632.82KN (83.99€) Ex Tax:506.26KN (67.19€)
Brand: Adam Hall
D 1017 SET - Microphone Set for Drums 7-piece Set consisting of: 1 x bass drum dynamic microphone 4 x tom/snare drum dynamic microphones  2 x overhead condenser microphones All microphones will be supplied with microphone clips in a hard case. Top cost/perf..
1,700.00KN (225.63€) Ex Tax:1,360.00KN (180.50€)
Brand: Adam Hall
D903 mic-rophone holder (clips), clampMicrophone clamp, black with rubberised flexible top to fit most microphones, Quick release action. 3/8" and 5/8" thread. ..
43.31KN (5.75€) Ex Tax:34.65KN (4.60€)
Brand: Adam Hall
D913# microphone windscreen, Ø 40–50 mm, available in black, red,yellow, orange, blue, suitable for all standard vocal microphones...
23.83KN (3.16€) Ex Tax:19.06KN (2.53€)
DSH-135 Pop-Killer Omnitronic DSH-135 Pop-Killer Omnitronic
-25 %
Brand: Omnitronic
DSH-135 Pop KillerFor all standard microphone stands, double nylon screen with sturdy black.Plastic frame Attaches to stands with tubing up to 25 mm. ..
252.66KN (33.53€) 190.00KN (25.22€) Ex Tax:152.00KN (20.17€)
Switch On/Off 004516 Dimensions Ø 46 x 185 mm   Connector XLR-3   Frequency response (microphone) 40.....16000 Hz   Transducer pri..
760.00KN (100.87€) Ex Tax:608.00KN (80.70€)
Brand: Master audio
Headset microphone SKIN COLOUR - Output impedance: 600 Ohm - Frequency response: 50-12000 Hz - 3 poles mini XLR connector ..
308.75KN (40.98€) Ex Tax:247.00KN (32.78€)
Brand: Adam Hall
Active DI box in a sturdy metal housing (aluminium/steel) with protective corners, silver-blue metallic, internal battery (9 V flashes during operation) is switched off automatically when phantom power is used (LED permanently illuminated), extremely low battery consumption. Battery: 9 ..
442.50KN (58.73€) 410.00KN (54.42€) Ex Tax:328.00KN (43.53€)
Brand: Master audio
Unidirectional dynamic microphone - Metal body - ON / OFF - Sensitivity -52dB +/- 3dB. - Impedance 600 Ohm +/- 30%. - Frequency response 50 to 15,000 Hz. - Housing and connection cable included (4.6 m.) ..
339.06KN (45.00€) Ex Tax:271.25KN (36.00€)
Brand: Omnitronic
Battery: 2 x Mignon (AA), not included in packing. Parallel operation of up to 4 sets is possible without any interference Volume control XLR and 6.3 mm output Jack cable included LEDs for power, carrier and audio signal Microphone with mute switch and color ..
1,025.00KN (136.04€) Ex Tax:820.00KN (108.83€)
Brand: Adam Hall
Conference microphone- Directivity: condenser- Phantom power 48V- Frequency response.: 50Hz - 14Khz- Sensitivity: -35db - +/- 2db- Output impedance: 500 Ohm- Power supply: 2x1.5V- Windscreen and mic. cable included..
541.55KN (71.88€) Ex Tax:433.24KN (57.50€)
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