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Barrier Tape red/white 500m x 75mm Barrier Tape red/white 500m x 75mm
-30 %
Brand: Omnitronic
Barrier Safety Tape red-white 500m x 75mm, non-adhesiveElasticity:    100 %Length:    5 mWidth:    7.5 cmWeight:    1.39 kgmade in Germany..
287.50KN 200.63KN Ex Tax:160.50KN
Brand: Omnitronic
Portable disco ball with loudspeaker, Bluetooth and IR remote controlInstant party atmosphere with booming sound and automatic light show3 rotating LEDs (R, G and B) fill the room with colorful circles and dots1 additional ring with 48 LEDs (R, G and B) provides for amazing running light effectsBuil..
481.25KN Ex Tax:385.00KN
Brand: Omnitronic
Bar with 4 RGBW spots and 4 white strobe LEDs, with 5-pin QuickDMX connectorCrossbar with integrated DMX control unit and stand sleeveUltra-light ideally suited for mobile useIdeal for bands, stages or solo entertainersSuited for installation on a speaker stand (not included) or trussComes pre-assem..
2,543.75KN Ex Tax:2,035.00KN
Brand: Omnitronic
Microphone Tripod MS-2A with adjustable Boom arm, black colorEasy assemblingFully shock-absorbingHeight:    max.2.2 m, min.1.05 mBoom length:    77 cmBase area:    52 cm x 52 cmWeight:    1.40 kg..
143.75KN Ex Tax:115.00KN
Brand: Omnitronic
 2-channel DJ mixer in miniature design Super portable and lightweight DJ mixer 2 stereo channels with gain control and 2-band EQ, RCA connectors Adjustable microphone input via 6.3 mm jack Adjustable headphones output via 6.3 mm jack Adjustable master output and..
342.50KN Ex Tax:274.00KN
Omni DJP900P mixing amplifier with mp3 player + Bluetooth, 2 x 460 W / 4 ohms Omni DJP900P mixing amplifier with mp3 player + Bluetooth, 2 x 460 W / 4 ohms
-10 %
Brand: Omnitronic
Technical specifications Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz Power consumption: 140 W (1/8 power) Power output sine:   stereo 4 ohms 2 x 460 W stereo 8 ohms 2 x 2..
2,075.00KN 1,867.50KN Ex Tax:1,494.00KN
Brand: Omnitronic
Belt drive DJ turntable, blackDelivery includes pick-up system and stylusAdjustable ±10 % speed controlLarge start/stop buttonStrobe lamp for exact speed adjustmentDelivery includes removable dustcoverAdjustable anti-skatingShock-absorbing feetPower supply:115/230 V AC, 50/60 HzPower consumption:8,0..
1,216.25KN Ex Tax:973.00KN
Brand: Omnitronic
Belt drive DJ turntable with USB interface and recording software, blackBuilt-in USB port and phono preamplifier, for a high-quality and convenient digitization of analog vinyl recordsPlug & play: no driver installation required, unit is identified automaticallySampling rates of 44.1 kHz and 48 ..
1,502.50KN Ex Tax:1,202.00KN
Brand: Omnitronic
Accessory kit for connecting 2 BOB-4 speakers    2 x U-bracket    2 x M8 screw with butterfly nut    2 x connection cable..
265.00KN Ex Tax:212.00KN
Brand: Omnitronic
OMNITRONIC BOB-4 Stand Adaptor white 2xAdapter with stand sleeve for 35 mm tube, M10 thread    Stand adapter with M10 thread for BOB-4 speaker systems    For stands with standard diameter (Ø 35 mm)    White lacquered steel version..
135.00KN Ex Tax:108.00KN
Brand: Omnitronic
Set BOB4.1 wite or black consisting of:1x 11038871: OMNITRONIC BOB-10A Subwoofer active white, 10" subwoofer with DSP and Bluetooth 2x pair 11038873: OMNITRONIC BOB-4 Top white 16-ohm speaker pair with 4" full-range speakerIncl. 2 x U-bracket for wall, ceiling and stand installationOptional stand ad..
4,750.00KN Ex Tax:3,800.00KN
Brand: Omnitronic
5"-flush-mount speaker, 100 V, 5 W RMS, Ø 165 mm5" full-range speaker 100 V transformer with 3 power tapsABS plastic housing with metal front grilleFor speech and background music in indoor PA systems..
223.75KN Ex Tax:179.00KN
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