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Adapter Tasker 443  Scart 21 pin to 3 RCA+S VHS+Scart 21 pin
-25 %
Brand: Tasker
Adapter Tasker Scart 21 pin to 3 RCA+S VHS+Scart 21 pin ..
75.00KN 56.25KN Ex Tax:45.00KN
Brand: Tasker
Special balanced microphone spiral shielded O.F.C. cable, 100% shielded in red copper Conductors in red copper Flexible low capacity microphone for sound reproduction, suitable for the realization of audio assembly. ..
10.63KN Ex Tax:8.50KN
C100 TS – 2x3,00 mm²  Special Extra Flex Speaker Cable
-24 %
Brand: Tasker
Flexible Audio Cable Speaker and Home Theatre installation Soft Transparent PVC sheath. Outer cable dimension 5,80x11,20 (±0,20) mm.  One conductor made of O.F.C. tinned copper and one of O.F.C. Red Copper, both realized with elementary wires stranded in beams and stranded aga..
33.00KN 25.00KN Ex Tax:20.00KN
C139  2x0,08 mm² (75Ω) Special Video Cable
-37 %
Brand: Tasker
CATEGORY Video Cables APPLICATIONS S-VHS and Video assembly A: Night Blue Soft PVC Sheath. Outer Diam. Ø 7,50 (±0,20) mm. B: Inner sheath in PVC colored one white and one red. Outer Diam. Ø 2,80 (±0,20) mm. C: Spiral shielding in ofO.F.C. tinned copper, covering 100%. D..
17.96KN 11.25KN Ex Tax:9.00KN
C141 1x0,35 (75Ω) + 2x0,22 mm² Special Video Flat Divisible Cable
-21 %
Brand: Tasker
CATEGORY Video + Audio Cables APPLICATIONS Video and Audio Stereo assembly A: Night Blue Soft PVC Sheath. Outer Dimension: 6,10x13,60 (±0,20) mm. Audio Section: B: Spiral shielding in ofO.F.C. red copper, covering 100%. C: Insulations with PVC, colored one red and one white. ..
28.50KN 22.38KN Ex Tax:17.90KN
C196  2x0,50 mm²  Balanced Microphone Cable
-29 %
Brand: Tasker
CATEGORY Balanced Microphone Cable  APPLICATIONS Premade Audio Cables and Microphones. A: Soft transparent PVC Sheath. Outer Diam. Ø 7,00 (±0,10) mm. B: Braided Shielding O.F.C. tinned copper covering 95%. C: Second PVC sheath between cores and shielding. D: Transparent ..
35.00KN 25.00KN Ex Tax:20.00KN
C200  2x0,08 mm² Special Audio/Video Cable
-40 %
Brand: Tasker
CATEGORY Special Audio/Video Cable APPLICATIONS S-VHS and Mini DIN4 connectors. A: Black Soft PVC Sheath. Outer cable Diam. Ø 4,60 (±0,10) mm. B: Insulation with PVC, colored one Red and one White. Diam. Ø: 2,00 (±0,10) mm. C: Each conductor isShielded with O.F.C. tinned c..
12.24KN 7.38KN Ex Tax:5.90KN
C260  2x0,25 mm² Low Capacity Balanced Microphone Cable
-25 %
Brand: Tasker
CATEGORY Balanced Microphone Cable APPLICATIONS Pre Made Audio Cables and Microphones. A: Soft PVC Sheath. Available in different color . Outer cable Diam. Ø 6,00 (±0,20) mm. B: Shielding O.F.C. red copper Spiral covering 100%. C: The cores are stranded in a pair with textil..
11.00KN 8.25KN Ex Tax:6.60KN
C263  5x0,08 mm² (75 Ω )Special Multi Mini Coax Video cable
-33 %
Brand: Tasker
CATEGORY Coaxial cable 75 Ω APPLICATIONS Professional video transmission systems and monitors. A: Grey Flame Retardant PVC Sheath. Outer Diam.Ø 9,80 (±0,20) mm. B: Soft PVC Sheath on single conductors. Diam. Ø 2,80 (±0,20) mm. Colored: Red, Green, Blue, Black and White. C: S..
37.50KN 25.00KN Ex Tax:20.00KN
Cable Tasker 438/30 3m scart
-38 %
Brand: Tasker
Professional digital audio/video 21 Pin SCART/SCART cable, completely connected for High Definition. Suitable for the connection of new generation SCART IN and OUT equipments, for sound reproduction and image transmission: Home Cinema, Flat TV, Plasma Screens, LCD, VCR, TC, DVD, Sat..
188.75KN 117.50KN Ex Tax:94.00KN
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