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Brand: Mackie
mackie fader mono 10kOhm slider 65 mm130-031-00,130-030-00 Spare parts for  Mackie Onyx , DFX , VLZ series of mixing consoles ..
106.25KN Ex Tax:85.00KN
Mackie ONYX 2480 Audio Mixer Mackie ONYX 2480 Audio Mixer
-53 %
Brand: Mackie
Premium Onyx microphone preamps on all 24 channels • 4-band Perkins EQ with hardware bypass • 48V Phantom Power, Mic/Line, 100Hz High-pass, and Polarity switches ..
32,003.75KN 15,000.00KN Ex Tax:12,000.00KN
Brand: Mackie
Mackie 130-014-00 10k master Dual-Fader 100mm For 8-Bus SeriesMade in Japan..
114.38KN Ex Tax:91.50KN
Neutrik NC3FAP XLR pcmnt Mackie 400-223-00
-20 %
Brand: Mackie
Neutrik NC3FAP XLR pcmntXLR Chassis Connectors  PCB mount panel connector 400-223-00 (Mackie spare parts) ..
106.25KN 85.00KN Ex Tax:68.00KN
Onyx 1640 Mackie mixer Onyx 1640 Mackie mixer
-48 %
Brand: Mackie
• Premium 16-channel/4-bus small-format analog mixer • 16 new ONYX mic preamps comparable to boutique preamps • New 4-band Perkins EQ with dual sweepable midrange controls provides warm, musical sound ..
14,166.25KN 7,375.00KN Ex Tax:5,900.00KN
Brand: Mackie
Power supply for Mackie Onyx 1640 mixing console ..
2,625.00KN Ex Tax:2,100.00KN
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