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Cable Tasker C121 Cable Tasker C121
-10 %
Brand: Tasker
Audio cable Tasker C121 Shielded flat cables for head-phones and assembly Divisible shielded special O.F.C. flat cable 100% spiral shielding-red copper Conductors in red copper Conductor insulation in compact PE Core colour: Red, White Cable for professional head phone or ..
18.50KN 16.65KN Ex Tax:13.32KN
Cable Tasker C284 dmx cable Cable Tasker C284 dmx cable
-35 %
Brand: Tasker
CATEGORY DMX Cable + Power APPLICATIONS Active Digital Audio Cables A: Black Flame Retardant PVC. Outer cable Diam. Ø 13,80 (±0,10) mm. B: The single sheath are stranded with waste filler between conductors and wrapped with not woven polyester tape. 2x Digital Audio 110 Ohm Pair..
77.33KN 50.00KN Ex Tax:40.00KN
Cable Tasker TSK 1042 Cable Tasker TSK 1042
-11 %
Brand: Tasker
CATEGORY Flat Audio Cable  APPLICATIONS Professional audio balanced assembly A: Night BlueSoft Flame Retardant PVC Sheath. Outer cable Dimension: 4,50x9,10 (±0,10) mm. B: Each pair isshielded in O.F.C. red copper spiral covering 100%. + Tinned copper drain wire. C: Cores Insu..
23.78KN 21.25KN Ex Tax:17.00KN
Brand: Tasker
Extra Flexible Digital Audio Multipair Cables 110 Ω AES/EBU with smaller diameters for fixed or mobile laying for professional equipments and mixer instruments or direction benches and of sound amplification. The cables are suitable to the realization of extensions and digital audio bal..
82.20KN Ex Tax:65.76KN
Brand: Tasker
Connector: Toslink Standard Male> Toslink Standard MaleGold-plated connectorsCable diameter: 4 mmWith protective coversColor: BlackCable length: 1.5 m ..
20.00KN Ex Tax:16.00KN
Brand: Target
RCA stereo signal cable Target ZRC 100 100 cm ..
69.38KN Ex Tax:55.50KN
Brand: Tasker
1 x 75 Ω (0,34 mm²) Cond.Format. mm. 30x0,12 External Core Ø mm. 3,7 External CableDiameter mm.6,1 Applications: Extra flex coaxial cable with double shielding, aluminium tape and braided red copper covering 100%. Cable for fixed and mobile application, suitable for the real..
12.50KN Ex Tax:10.00KN
TSK1054 4x0,12 mm²  Divisible Shielded Flat Cable
-17 %
Brand: Tasker
CATEGORY Shielded Flat Audio Cable APPLICATIONS Sound Reproduction and Electronics. A: Black Soft PVC Divisible Sheath. Outer cable Dimension 2,50x10,10 (±0,10) mm. B: Each conductor have his own shielding in O.F.C. red copper spiral, covering 100%. C: Core Insulation with PVC..
14.94KN 12.38KN Ex Tax:9.90KN
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