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85200 Defender Mini - Cable Protector 3-channels 85200 Defender Mini - Cable Protector 3-channels
-20 %
Brand: Adam Hall
Small but sturdy. Light, professional and universally applicable, with the familiar black and yellow design. The new Defender Mini meets every expectation for professional cable protection, expanding the Defender series with a very light (only 5 kg!), compact cable crossover, capable of supportin..
1,874.48KN 1,499.59KN Ex Tax:1,199.67KN
Cable Tasker C 100 2x0,75 mm white
-11 %
Brand: Tasker
Applications: Polarized flat cable. Cable for electronics, loudspeakers, Home Theatre and Hi-Fi Car systems. Characteristics: Conductors: n. 1 O.F.C. red copper n. 1 O.F.C. tinned copper Insulation: Special PVC Sheath colours: White ..
5.55KN 4.95KN Ex Tax:3.96KN
Cable Tasker C 100 TN 2x3mm2
-13 %
Brand: Tasker
2 x 3,00 Flexible in red and tinned copper O.F.C. 0,20mm Special PVC crystal effect anti-aging   ..
17.31KN 15.00KN Ex Tax:12.00KN
Brand: Tasker
Special balanced microphone spiral shielded O.F.C. cable, 100% shielded in red copper Conductors in red copper Flexible low capacity microphone for sound reproduction, suitable for the realization of audio assembly.   ..
8.56KN Ex Tax:6.85KN
Brand: Tasker
LAN cables cat. 6A UL certified f.t.p. RJ45 8pin connector F.T.P. (Individually Foiled Twisted Pairs) cable cat. 6A (Augmented) UL verified for Horizontal cabling in Local Area Network. Lan cable Cat. 6A for panel installation accordingwith standards: IEEE802.3an 10GBASE-T (10G..
23.65KN Ex Tax:18.92KN
Cable Tasker T433/100  10m Cable Tasker T433/100  10m
-35 %
Brand: Tasker
10 mt - SVHS M - SVHS M cable ..
133.60KN 87.50KN Ex Tax:70.00KN
Brand: Tasker
Extra Flexible Digital Audio Multipair Cables 110 Ω AES/EBU with smaller diameters for fixed or mobile laying for professional equipments and mixer instruments or direction benches and of sound amplification. The cables are suitable to the realization of extensions and digital audio bal..
82.20KN Ex Tax:65.76KN
Brand: Tasker
Multicoaxial cable for video analogic and digital signals. Conductors: stiff wire in O.F.C. red copper I° Shields: Aluminium tape covering 100% II° Shields: Braided covering 90% O.F.C. tinned copper Sheath colours: Red, Green, Blue, Black,White Total Sheath: ..
89.60KN Ex Tax:71.68KN
Brand: Target
RCA stereo signal cable Target ZRC 100 100 cm ..
69.38KN Ex Tax:55.50KN
Brand: Tasker
1 x 75 Ω (0,34 mm²) Cond.Format. mm. 30x0,12 External Core Ø mm. 3,7 External CableDiameter mm.6,1 Applications: Extra flex coaxial cable with double shielding, aluminium tape and braided red copper covering 100%. Cable for fixed and mobile application, suitable for the real..
12.50KN Ex Tax:10.00KN
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