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Brand: Amphenol
Amphenol MS3106A 18-1S 10-pin industrial female cable socketrated current (40 °C): 13 (A)IP-class: IP67 The MS 5015 class is a standard of cylindrical MIL-C-5015 connectors..
425.00KN Ex Tax:340.00KN
Brand: Target
Die-cast power ring terminal Target ZPT 101 Price per pair. ..
34.69KN Ex Tax:27.75KN
Brand: Target
Die-cast power ring terminal Target ZPT 102 2AWG Price per pair. ..
34.69KN Ex Tax:27.75KN
Brand: Neutrik
Combined XLR receptacle and 1/4" phone jack Balanced or line inputs in one XLR shell Saves rack space by combining 2 connectors in one housing Very low conductor capacitance, therefore suitable for digital audio solder cups for wire termination ..
37.50KN Ex Tax:30.00KN
Brand: Rean
Neutrik / Rean RT3FCB Mini-XLR female RT3FC-B 3-pole tiny-xlr female cable connector, black metal shell, gold plated contacts,    Easy to assemble    Robust metal housing with best flex relief    Shielded system – high noise immunity and EMI prote..
42.24KN Ex Tax:33.79KN
Neutrik NC3FAP XLR pcmnt Mackie 400-223-00
-20 %
Brand: Mackie
Neutrik NC3FAP XLR pcmntXLR Chassis Connectors  PCB mount panel connector 400-223-00 (Mackie spare parts) ..
106.25KN 85.00KN Ex Tax:68.00KN
Brand: Neutrik
NJ3FP6CLocking 1/4" 6.3mm jack, D-size shell, nickel metal housing and silver contactsThe 3-pole 6.3mm Jack panel mount version provides stable and secure connections where accidental disconnect or shock and vibration may occur. It latches with standard A-gauge mono or stereo plugs. Plug locks-in au..
70.13KN Ex Tax:56.10KN
Brand: Neutrik
NL4MMX Lockable 4-pole speakon adapterLinks two NL2/4FX together for cable extension. Changes gender to male when permanently locked on the cable.Features permanent secure connection on a speakON cable connector using 2nd lock. Can be permanently attached to NL2/4FXElectrical     Cont..
73.23KN Ex Tax:58.58KN
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