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    Dynamic vocal microphone with smooth mid-frequency presence rise for excellent voice projection Ultra-wide frequency response for brilliant and transparent sound Extremely high signal output lets your voice cut through Cardi..
250.00KN (33.18€) Ex Tax:200.00KN (26.54€)
Brand: Adam Hall
Kondenzatorski mikrofon D1009 Specifikacije:      Kapsula Vrsta: Kondenzator Mikrofon      Polar Pattern: Supercardioid      Frekvencijski odziv (Hz): 50 - 20,000      Impedancija: 200 Ohm      Osjetljivost (DBV / godišnje): -45 (5,62 mv / godišnje)      Max.SPL (dB): 140 dB ..
632.82KN (83.99€) Ex Tax:506.26KN (67.19€)
Brand: Adam Hall
D 1017 SET - Microphone Set for Drums 7-piece Set consisting of: 1 x bass drum dynamic microphone 4 x tom/snare drum dynamic microphones  2 x overhead condenser microphones All microphones will be supplied with microphone clips in a hard case. Top cost/perf..
1,700.00KN (225.63€) Ex Tax:1,360.00KN (180.50€)
Brand: Adam Hall
D903 mic-rophone holder (clips), clampMicrophone clamp, black with rubberised flexible top to fit most microphones, Quick release action. 3/8" and 5/8" thread. ..
43.31KN (5.75€) Ex Tax:34.65KN (4.60€)
Brand: Adam Hall
D913# microphone windscreen, Ø 40–50 mm, available in black, red,yellow, orange, blue, suitable for all standard vocal microphones...
23.83KN (3.16€) Ex Tax:19.06KN (2.53€)
D914 Pop Killer D914 Pop Killer
-25 %
Brand: Adam Hall
D-914 Pop KillerFor all standard microphone stands, double nylon screen with sturdy black.Plastic frame Attaches to stands with tubing up to 23 mm. ..
252.66KN (33.53€) 190.00KN (25.22€) Ex Tax:152.00KN (20.17€)
Switch On/Off 004516 Dimensions Ø 46 x 185 mm   Connector XLR-3   Frequency response (microphone) 40.....16000 Hz   Transducer pri..
760.00KN (100.87€) Ex Tax:608.00KN (80.70€)
Brand: Master audio
Headset microphone SKIN COLOUR - Output impedance: 600 Ohm - Frequency response: 50-12000 Hz - 3 poles mini XLR connector ..
308.75KN (40.98€) Ex Tax:247.00KN (32.78€)
LD Systems ECO 2 HHD 2 Wireless Microphone System LD Systems ECO 2 HHD 2 Wireless Microphone System
-19 %
Brand: Adam Hall
Wireless Microphone System with Dynamic Handheld Microphone Single channel UHF PLL wireless system 863.9 MHz band operation 50 m line-of-sight operating range Handheld dynamic mic with output power selector and soft-touch shaft Diversity receiver with ..
1,792.19KN (237.86€) 1,443.75KN (191.62€) Ex Tax:1,155.00KN (153.29€)
LD Systems ECO 2 Series - Wireless Microphone System LD Systems ECO 2 Series - Wireless Microphone System
-20 %
Brand: Adam Hall
1 Channel Diversity UHF Wireless Set with Handheld Mic LD Systems ECO Sets are the perfect introduction to wireless audio transmission: All components guarantee optimal audio delivery via professional outputs. The extensive features of the LD WS ECO Series Sets are remarkable in this price ca..
1,804.69KN (239.52€) 1,443.75KN (191.62€) Ex Tax:1,155.00KN (153.29€)
Brand: Adam Hall
Active DI box in a sturdy metal housing (aluminium/steel) with protective corners, silver-blue metallic, internal battery (9 V flashes during operation) is switched off automatically when phantom power is used (LED permanently illuminated), extremely low battery consumption. Battery: 9 ..
442.50KN (58.73€) 410.00KN (54.42€) Ex Tax:328.00KN (43.53€)
Brand: RCF
General Specifications Type: Dynamic Directivity: Super Cardioid Frequency Response: 60 Hz ÷ 16 kHz Microphone Sensitivity: - 75 Minimum load impedance: 500 Ω Connector: XLR 3 (M) Physical Specifications ..
582.50KN (77.31€) Ex Tax:466.00KN (61.85€)
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