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Brand: Adam Hall
019512  Speaker front foam black 12mm permits free passage of air protects from dust and humidity dimensions : 2000 x 1000 mm, (2 m2) thickness : 12mmfilter-sponge ..
458.15KN Ex Tax:366.52KN
1406 Moreschi drummer's stool with back support
-40 %
Brand: Moreschi
1406 Moreschi drummer's stool with back supportHeight: min/max 55-72 cm DIAMETER CUSHION: 30 cm Weight: 5.8 kg ..
625.00KN 375.00KN Ex Tax:300.00KN
Brand: Moreschi
1408 Moreschi piano stoolHEIGHT: min / max 50-62 cm. PAD DIAMETER: 34 cm Weight: 4.8 Kg ..
531.25KN Ex Tax:425.00KN
Brand: Adam Hall
5420 BLK Phillips-head screw M3x10 mm black with nut for XLR socketsProduct type: fittingsType: ScrewsSurface: black-oxide finishColour: BlackDiameter: M3 Length: 10 mmHead shape: counter sunkOkret: Philips-headWeight: 0,00069 kg..
1.30KN Ex Tax:1.04KN
Brand: Adam Hall
5635  Humfrees universal mounting kit M6 x 16 mm, hum & noise removal in rack systems Product type: FittingsType: ScrewsSurface: galvanizedColour: silverDiameter: M6 mmLength: 16 mmHead shape: fillister headDrive: Philips-headWeight: 0,03 kg ..
51.26KN Ex Tax:41.01KN
Brand: Adam Hall
5650  Cagenuts M6 for aluminium rack profile 6150Product type: fittingsType: cage nutMaterial: SteelSurface: galvanizedColour: silverThread size: M6Weight: 0,004 kg ..
1.93KN Ex Tax:1.54KN
5803 safety tape black/yellow 50mm x 33m 5803 safety tape black/yellow 50mm x 33m
-10 %
Brand: Adam Hall
5803 adhesive safety tape, PVC, black/yellow striped. Very high adhesion level - adheres well long term to rough surfaces Low stretch - will not lift once applied Good abrasion resistance - stands up well to foot and machinery traffic Can be walked on immediately after a..
179.75KN 162.50KN Ex Tax:130.00KN
Brand: Adam Hall
Anti-Slip Adhesive Marking-Tape, black-yellow striped, 50mm x 18m 50 mm x 18 m Anti slip surfaceSlip resistance classification R13Classification R10 (administrative sector) Acrylic adhesive - bond improves with age Easy to release paper liner For indoor and outdoor..
360.94KN Ex Tax:288.75KN
Brand: Adam Hall
5807s Gaffa adhesive tape50 mm x 50 m Colour: silver Best quality super sticky cloth backed adhesive tape Gloss finish Cable friendly adhesive peels clean from cables and most other surfaces Very easy unwind and very easy tear For joining and securing scene..
225.00KN Ex Tax:180.00KN
Brand: Adam Hall
Gorilla Wipes Cleaning cloths 80 cloths/pack, size 20x30 cm Especially designed for the purpose, these cloths remove even the most troublesome adhesive residue ..
245.44KN Ex Tax:196.35KN
Brand: Adam Hall
5862025 Phosphortape 25mm x 10m glow-in-the-dark tape The photoluminescent tape 620 is a double-layer vinyl film with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive backed by a poly-coated layflat release liner. After charging with artificial or natural light, the tape will glow for 30 minutes wit..
463.75KN Ex Tax:371.00KN
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