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Brand: Adam Hall
Cameo FLAT PAR CAN REMOTE Infrared Remote Control for PAR CAN Projector code - CLPFLAT1REMOTE..
143.75KN (19.17€) Ex Tax:115.00KN (15.33€)
Brand: Adam Hall
Compact LED spot light with single 15 watt quad LED2 additional lenses for beam angles of 4.5°, 10° or 25°RDM capable16-bit technology for high definition colours and ultra smooth dimmingFlicker free, ideal for motion picture and TV applicationsColour temperature correction4 high resolution dimmin..
1,187.50KN (158.33€) Ex Tax:950.00KN (126.67€)
Brand: Omnitronic
Portable disco ball with loudspeaker, Bluetooth and IR remote controlInstant party atmosphere with booming sound and automatic light show3 rotating LEDs (R, G and B) fill the room with colorful circles and dots1 additional ring with 48 LEDs (R, G and B) provides for amazing running light effectsBuil..
481.25KN (64.17€) Ex Tax:385.00KN (51.33€)
Brand: Adam Hall
EUROLITE LED SLS-7 HCL Flat LED spotlight with RGBWA+UV color mixing, incl. IR remote control  -  7 high-power 10 W RGBAW/UV LEDs (6in1) -  perfect solid and pastel colors plus ultra violet thanks to 6-color mixing  -  Built-in auto and music show programs - ..
1,187.50KN (158.33€) Ex Tax:950.00KN (126.67€)
EUROLITE LED Z-1000 Beam Effect EUROLITE LED Z-1000 Beam Effect
-10 %
Mushroom with DMX and beams in the colors R, G, B, A, W and PMushroom with rotating beams in different color combinationsEquipped with six bright 3 W LEDs in red, green, blue, amber, white and pinkOperable in stand-alone mode or via DMX interfaceDMX512 control possible via any commercial DMX control..
965.00KN (128.67€) 868.75KN (115.83€) Ex Tax:695.00KN (92.67€)
Bar with 2 derbies, 2 spots, white strobe LEDs, laser (RG, 2M), foot switch4in1 DMX light effect bar with laser, 2 rotating LED derbies, 2 LED spots and white strobe LEDsLaser class 2M: does not require additional protective measures or appointment of a laser safety officerUltra-light ideally suited..
3,362.50KN (448.33€) Ex Tax:2,690.00KN (358.67€)
Bar with 4 RGB spots, cold white + UV strobe LEDs, foot switch and bag2-in-1 DMX light set with four slimline LED spots and strobe LEDs in white and UVUltra-light ideally suited for mobile useCrossbar with integrated DMX control unit and stand sleeveComes pre-assembled with practical transport bagCo..
2,487.50KN (331.67€) Ex Tax:1,990.00KN (265.33€)
Brand: Omnitronic
Bar with 4 RGBW spots and 4 white strobe LEDs, with 5-pin QuickDMX connectorCrossbar with integrated DMX control unit and stand sleeveUltra-light ideally suited for mobile useIdeal for bands, stages or solo entertainersSuited for installation on a speaker stand (not included) or trussComes pre-assem..
2,543.75KN (339.17€) Ex Tax:2,035.00KN (271.33€)
EUROLITE Set N-10 Smoke machine silver + A2D Action smoke fluid 1l EUROLITE Set N-10 Smoke machine silver + A2D Action smoke fluid 1l
-12 %
Brand: Omnitronic
5170195A EUROLITE N-19 Smoke Machine silver, 400WCompact 400 W fog machine in silverFog machine for small party roomsOn/off cable remote controlMounting bracketQuality thermostatOverheat protective switchFluid level indicatorOutput distance: cca. 2 mControl: Wired remote control51703740 EUROLITE Smo..
625.00KN (83.33€) 550.00KN (73.33€) Ex Tax:440.00KN (58.67€)
Brand: Omnitronic
EUROLITE Smoke Fluid -P- professional, 5l- Smoke fluid Made in Germany- Long-lasting fog effect with high density- Fog fluid for fog machines- Water-based- Odorless- Glycerine-free composition- Non-toxic- Not harmful to health- Reusable container- Biodegradable according to OECD 301E/EEC 84/449 C3- ..
250.00KN (33.33€) Ex Tax:200.00KN (26.67€)
LED Light for Music Stand SLED2PRO LED Light for Music Stand SLED2PRO
-33 %
Brand: Adam Hall
175.00KN (23.33€) 117.50KN (15.67€) Ex Tax:94.00KN (12.53€)
Brand: Newtec
Illuminant Sylvania Micro Lynx luminous intensity 7 Watt Light color white Lux 350 lux Power supply 90-265 Volt AC Durability 6.000 ..
6,558.75KN (874.50€) Ex Tax:5,247.00KN (699.60€)
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